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Helping you with Your visons, ideas or projects with our technical designs and inventions is my priority and with that helping You finding Your brilliant idea for Your concept.

Dirk Schul was able to save up maintenance costs in the value of Milions of Euros, with 30 years of work experience in the fields of fluidtechnology (hydraulic/pneumatics) and many innovative improvements in the area of various hydraulic components, for renowed industrial companies.


Dirk Schul gladly increases the life expectancy of Your fluid power plant with innovative opimization.


With all of our know-how and brainstorm abillities we're prepared to help You with personal counselling, for Your plans and firms. Both services stand for the zero emissoin drive with DPMA registration and the ISWEOS-Tower (silent wind turbine) with European patent.


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Dirk Schul


Silent Wind Turbine (ISWEOS-Tower)