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Project 1

 Project 2


 Project 3

Projecting small series
Example: Hydraulic compact units
1,5 l / min, 130 bar max., 0,37kW 400V 50Hz 1,1A Oil tank capacity: 6,5l Weight: 30kg LxWxH: 600mm x 400mm x 330mm
The hydraulic power packs with built-in lift-lowering module are designed to control lifting devices with single-acting cylinders.
Price / each with a minimum order quantity of five compact hydraulic units in one lot: á 4,940, - € plus freight, packaging and VAT.
The offer is valid until June 30, 2019
Payment terms: 70% upon placing of order, 20% upon notification of readiness for dispatch, 10% immediately after invoicing. Delivery time: about 3 months after receipt of payment / order.

 Project 4

In the foreground, a self-designed blocking block ( mounted on the base plate and clamped in a vice) can be seen for residential lifts in test mode. Test pressure 500 bar.

 Project 5

Pneumatic brake system of the silent wind turbine above an emergency braking system by means of hexagon socket screw (used only when the shaft extention is turned off).

 Project 6

Conversion of 4-column swimming pool lift floor controls

Project 7

Press control with servo-valve technology

 Project 8

 Project 9

 Project 10

Refurbish old hyraulic plants or new plants according to your specifications