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                          Dirk Schul


In my career as mechanic engingeer – crafts master with the special fields of fluidtechnology (hydraulic/pneumatics) and small wind power plants, I was confronted with various hydraulic systems, e.g. foundries, roperies, wood-based pannel facilities, paper and foil manufacturers.

With my large technical knowledge and systematic analysis, I was able to increase different hydraulic components (Liman press) or correct wrongs on the ''Loramendi Core Shooter'', which increased its life expectancy tremedously.


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I used to be the executive Director for Schul-Hydraulic Ltd. (Schul-Hydraulik GmbH).

It has its focus mainly on planning, construction, services, mounting as well as maintenance and repair work for hydraulic systems and hydraulic individual components of all renowed manufactures.

The product range was completed around the area of wastewater technology (Centrifugal pumps and hose diaphragm piston pumps).

In that time I adopted skills to lead a company and a team of employees and to realize all the projects to my clients complete satisfaction.

In a additon I led five apprentices to their successful journeyman's examination.


I also have a few patented inventions. One of them is the ISWEOS-Tower (silent wind turbine) for performance improvement attachments. For that I got the european patent.

Pre-orders for the handmanufactured ISWEOS-Tower with extra features

(special design 3.5 kW) can be ordered now.


More informaton under: ISWEOS -Tower


Furthermore I have invented a new drive concept, that is functioning until a least -30°C (centigrade). It's a 100% NONE emission power unit, wich is not powered by electrical power ( e-mobility) nor by hydrogen power. Its full reach lies about 600 to 800 kilometers.

The power runs with a medium (not toxic), which is reidrected over a 'canal' to the torque delivering work machine. This machine can be used for all power-operated work units (e.g. generators, mobility devices etc.)


Investors are still being sought for this prototype construction of this drive.

Have I awaken your interest? Please contact me under contact.


Over and above that, I worked for five years as the project Manager for the factory planing at Halberg Guss in Saarbrücken.


My tasks included in particular:

  • facility planning, from the first inquiry with suppliers to the commissioning of the facilities

  • describing the projects, as well as possible alternatives and cost estimation for the facility and infrastructure

  • compilation of technical documents, concepts, drawings, layouts


  • definition of technical requirement profiles such as specifications and evaluation matrix

  • creatiuon of the cost estimate for the entire project

  • scheduling, compliance and review of deadlines and budget

  • risk analysis

Futhermore, I'm on the go as an author, with my book „Der kleine innovative Hydrauliker“.

You can buy this book over the button contact and in every bookstore.


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Dirk Schul