Product description of the innovative ISWEOS -Tower.


The ISWEOS Tower is based on the Savonius principle. Three power upgrades give our "silent wind turbine", in contrast to the invention of 1924, a much higher efficiency.

The rotor consists of two stages. Each level consists of two main wings. At the end of each main wing, an exhibition and an angle change to the axis of rotation was implemented, which offers the wind more attack surface. This will bring more energy to the shaft.

The ISWEOS Tower continues to remain silent through the exhibition beyond the circular disk, but allows more effective use of wind. The exhibition leads to an increase in efficiency, without increasing the speed (less than 1.0). As a further innovation, smaller vertically positioned inner wings are mounted on each step in front of the two outer wings. The wings are arranged offset at a defined distance. This special distance, as well as the radius between outer wing and inner wing allows us to bypass the disadvantage of the conventional Savonius that one side is always passive in the wind and brakes. Due to the narrowing of the respective channels between the outer and inner wings, the flow velocity of the wind is controlled increased, without reducing the pressure appreciably. With a wind entry from the active side into these channels, for example 4 m /s wind v, the wind exit speed on the passive side increases up to 8 m/s wind v. This makes it possible to build up so much torque on the passive side that the passive side virtually also becomes an active side and generates propulsion. Due to the 2-stage construction, the wind turbine runs a bit restless. This deficiency I have by 8 plates, which are bent against the direction of rotation at a certain angle and mounted on the upper lens, eliminated. 2-3 of these plates are now also in the wind, and generate your turn more energy on the shaft. As a result of the fact that the turbine, despite all the optimizations below the high-speed number 1.0, works, it does not develop its own noises and works "LOUDLY". For further advantages of the ISWEOS tower (silent wind turbine) please refer to the commercial flyer, set under "NEWS" or contact me.

I was granted a European patent on 4/09/2013 for the performance upgrades.

European patent no.

The Archetype

The original type of “Silent Wind Turbine” was made from old oil barrels.

From idea to finished tower

3 types of ISWEOS-Tower

Performance recording by means of mounted measuring section